Centros de monitoreo regionales

In addition to collecting and uploading data to NABat, we offer a number of ways to get involved in the broader NABat community. Check out the opportunities below!


Looking for more guidance or want 1:1 support?

We offer training webinars throughout the year on a variety of topics. Check out our Events page for upcoming dates. For more individualized support, contact a member of our Technical Outreach Team.

Connect with a regional hub

Hubs help facilitate local implementation of NABat and maximize benefit within the region. By joining a regional hub partners may receive more individual support to guide local survey efforts while maintaining the level of consistency necessary to meet the broader, programmatic goals of NABat. 


Join our community of practice

Come join us during our monthly calls as we highlight current efforts by partners and present on the latest research and updates to NABat. Hear from the NABat Coordination Team and get your questions answered. 

Contact us to be notified of upcoming meetings.


Sign up for the newsletter

Stay up to date on what is happening with NABat and the greater bat community. Learn about upcoming events, relevant publications, resources, and products being produced by our team.

Explore our working groups

The NABat working groups were established to facilitate collaboration among NABat partners. Working groups draw on members' extensive on-the-ground experience in their respective areas of expertise to develop field protocols, prioritize research goals, and update, refine, and clarify NABat survey methods based on feedback from NABat partners, the needs of the NABat Coordinating Office, and changes in available monitoring technology. Existing working groups focus on the following survey types:

  • Stationary Acoustic Surveys

  • Mobile Acoustic Transect Surveys

  • Summer Colony Count Surveys

  • Winter Colony Count Surveys

Participation in a working group is limited by the size of the group and current needs. Please contact us for more information if you are interested in joining a working group.