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Photo credit: Florida Fish & Wildlife

Eumops floridanus

Order: Chiroptera

Suborder: Yangochiroptera

Family: Mollosidae

Call characteristics:

Low frequency caller (10-25 kHz)


  1 2/5 - 1 2/3 oz

(34 - 47 g)

Body Length

 6 1/2 in

(16.5 cm)

There are various sources for bat species range maps including IUCN, NatureServe, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service ECOS, and the National Atlas of the United States

Florida bonneted bat

Florida bonneted bat

The Florida bonneted bat has short fur in colors ranging from black to reddish-brown. Its round ears meet at a single point in the middle of the forehead. This species lives in semitropical forests including mangroves and is only found in small regions of coastal Florida. It roosts in trees, buildings, and crevices. This endangered species is threatened by dwindling habitat lost to human development and hurricanes; populations also suffer indirect poisoning by pesticides. Mothers rear an individual pup during summer but may be polyestrous, birthing a second pup in midwinter.

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Conservation Status

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